Getting To Know about Boom Beach!

Boom Beach is another virtual game that can be easily found in the App Store. It is one of the latest combat games for Android and iOS mobiles developed by “Supercell.”  The concept in this game is to build up your own defensive and offensive forces to be able to battle with other players with resources.  It has a high level of polish and user friendly design. Its effective and simplistic tutorial can give you a concise and clear feel on what you need to do to upgrade your base and how can this lead you to leave your base and attack multiple player and computer controlled forts widespread  in your sea map.


How to Get Started with Boom Beach?


You will be the commander of your own journey. You have to conquer other islands in order for you to acquire many resources and free enslaved islanders coming from Blackguard, the bad guy in the game.


  • Build structures. To strongly protect your base, you need to create structures that produce resources such as wood, iron, stone and gold. Having these resources can make you construct defensive structures such as machine guns and cannons. To upgrade these defensive structures, you need to upgrade as well your headquarters, because by doing so, you can activate additional troops, buildings and other upgrades.
  • Discover the archipelago. Through constructing the Radar structure, you can have the capacity to discover the archipelago. While doing so, you can also visit other players and other islands within the area. By putting your troops at their landing stations on the beach area and choosing the right structure to attack, you could attack these islands. While your troop of soldiers is busy attacking the structures, this is the best time for you to fire artillery shells coming from the Command Ship.
  • Attacking other players. You need to attack other players and their beaches in order to gather “Battle Points”. These points could make battle actions. Mentioning, battle actions, and these can be either strategical or tactical. For example, you could utilize Flares or Artillery Shells. Flares can maneuver your troop of soldiers in the island while the artillery shells can damage the defending structures.  These two are only few of the many battle actions. Whenever you utilize this action in every battle, the amount of Battle Points required for a certain action increases.  Each time you damage a structure, you acquire additional battle points.
  • Conquering the island. The best thing that you have to do to be able to conquer the whole island is to destroy all structures or Headquarters. Whenever you win, you will receive rewards, life shards, coins and wood.


While aiming to conquer the island, you should not forget to defend your headquarter too as to not let your enemy (attacker) destroy your headquarters and steal your resources. This is his reward for successfully destroying your empire which is why you should strongly defend your headquarters at all costs. You must put up defensive buildings overlapping your headquarters to keep it safe and out of reach. This way, you can ensure total victory in Boom Beach!